SECTION 245 ACT 201 OF 2012.

State of Michigan Public Act 201 of 2012 - Section 245

From the funds appropriated in section 236, each public university shall develop, post, and maintain, on a user-friendly and publicly accessible Internet site, a comprehensive report categorizing all institutional general fund expenditures made by the university within a fiscal year.

The report shall include institutional general fund expenditure amounts categorized both by each academic unit, administrative unit, or external initiative within the university and by major expenditure category, including faculty and staff salaries and fringe benefits, facility-related costs, supplies and equipment, contracts, and transfers to and from other university funds.

The report shall also include a list of all employee positions funded partially or wholly through institutional general fund revenue that includes the position title, name, and annual salary or wage amount for each position.

The university shall not provide financial information on its website under this section if doing so would violate a federal or state law, rule, regulation, or guideline that establishes privacy or security standards applicable to that financial information.

A. The annual operating budget and subsequent budget revisions B. Summary of current expenditures for fiscal year 2012 
  1. Personnel general fund expenditures
  2. All general fund expenditures
C. Links
  1. Wayne State University current collective bargaining agreements:
    1. Academic Collective Bargaining Agreements
    2. Non-Academic Collective Bargaining Agreements
  2. Wayne State University Benefits programs  
  3. Wayne State University Audits and financial reports 
  4. Campus security policies & crime statistics
D. Wayne State University Employee Position List 
  • (3) University Performance Metrics
    • (3)(a) Enrollment
    • (3)(b) Student Retention Rates
    • (3)(c) Six-year Graduation Rates
    • (3)(d) Number of Pell Grant Recipients and Graduating Pell Grant Recipients
    • (3)(e) Geographic Origin of Students
    • (3)(f) Faculty to Undergraduate Student Ratios: Total University Employee to Total Student Ratios
    • (3)(g) Teaching Load by Faculty Classification
    • (3)(h) Graduation Outcome Rates, Including Employment and Continuing Education