EAB Academic Performance Solutions (APS)

APS Login

Academic Performance Solutions (APS) is a tool from EAB. Since 2018, it has helped academic and financial leaders of Wayne State make data-informed decisions regarding academic planning and resource allocation. APS provides enrollment, financial and human resources data to generate insightful analytics at the school and department level. A peer benchmarking feature allows campus decision makers to compare Wayne State University to a group of similar institutions from across the country.

Access to the APS Tool

APS is intended to be used by school and campus administrators. Eligibility is typically limited to Deans, Associate Deans, BAOs, Chairs and other administrators designated by Deans and AVPs. Requests for access to the APS tool should be sent to Darin Ellis

If you have a WSU email address and wish to gain access to other EAB resources, such as research reports, webinars, blog posts and training materials related to best practices in higher education, you may set up a free account with EAB by visiting this link. Please note that your EAB account is separate from your APS account.


Darin Ellis, WSU Executive Sponsor
Harrison Greer, EAB Dedicated Consultant